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  • LED spot light
  • LED spot light
  • LED spot light
  • LED spot light
LED spot lightLED spot lightLED spot lightLED spot lightLED spot light

LED spot light

  • Product ID:TG8-L
  • weight:8kg
  • power:60w
  • Material:Alumimum
  • Product description: Applicable to ships, ports, docks, stations, squares, bridges and other places lighting. LED spot light TG8-L

Products characteristic:

1. The use of imported chips, lamp beads luminous flux in the 110-120LM / W, long life, low power consumption, color index greater than 80, light angle of 30-60。;

2. The use of high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy material, temperature rise, anodized or surface spray treatment, can enough anti­corrosion, the end cap from the aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting, high-strength tempered glass, high transmittance,

3. The use of imported anti-aging silicone rubber raw materials, waterproof and dustproof performance tough.

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